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Data Security
Data Security
The protection of information from unauthorized access and use is a critical activity for developers of computing platforms. SMART SSDs employ a variety of methods to eliminate data from the flash using erase procedures or make it un-decodable, using encryption.
Erasing User Data
Data Security / Erasing User Data
Encryption provides a level of data security that goes beyond the elimination of data from a drive when it is no longer needed. Encryption protects user data as it resides on the drive. SMART's 'always-on' encryption automatically protects all user data written to the drive by encrypting it using a hardware-based encryption method known as Advanced Encryption Standard or (AES).

The AES standard, certified through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), is a widely employed method of securing data-at-rest and when coupled with authentication through the industry-standard TCG Enterprise interface, provides a powerful method of protecting data that users can trust and that IT Managers can depend on.

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