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Guardian Technology
Why Guardian Technology
When storage performance is critical, SSDs are often called upon to get the job done. SMART SSDs can leverage the advantages of Guardian Technology, which now supports 19nm MLC Flash, to combine performance, reliability, endurance, and affordability into a single package.
SMART's award winning Guardian Technology improves flash and SSD system management
FlashGuard extends the native endurance of standard MLC flash-based SSDs from less than 1 capacity write per day to 50 full capacity writes per day for a period of five years.
DataGuard technology protects user data from corruption along all data paths in the SSD, and provides the ability to recover data from failed page and NAND blocks.
EverGuard technology protects against loss of user data in the event of unexpected power interruptions.

What's in Your Storage DNA?

At the heart of every storage device is the media on which data is stored. This is the DNA of the storage device, and provides the blueprint for performance, reliability, and value. Watch Video.

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