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Up until today, SSD drive endurance was a function of the component level endurance of the flash technology used in the drive. High endurance was achieved by using SLC NAND flash, but SSDs based on this flash technology were cost prohibitive for most applications. Lower cost was achieved through the usage using MLC NAND flash, but SSDs based on this technology could not be used for mainstream write-intensive workloads. SMART's innovative FlashGuard technology eliminates the tradeoff between cost and endurance, by extracting higher endurance from MLC flash, well beyond the standard component specifications.

FlashGuard allows SMART to offer enterprise-class MLC-based SSDs with a 5-year warranty at usage rates of up to 50 full drive writes per day. FlashGuard incorporates two important technology breakthroughs in the area of flash and SSD system management: Aggregated Flash Management and Advanced Signal Processing.

Advanced Signal Processing
Endurance / Advanced Signal Processing
During the design of the drive, an in-depth characterization of the flash is performed to establish the optimal flash operating parameters that will result in minimal wear. During manufacturing, these optimal flash operating parameters are programmed into the SSD. Advanced Signal Processing technology is then used to continually monitor the flash and collect detailed statistics of its performance. This information is used to dynamically adjust the flash operating parameters to attain maximum endurance from the drive throughout its operational life.
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