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Reliability in Solid State Drives is measured in Uncorrectable Bit Error Rate (UBER), the number of data errors per bits read. The JEDEC JESD218A specification calls out for an UBER of 10-16 for Enterprise class SSD.

SMART's SSDs are specified with an UBER of 10-17, a factor 10x better than the JEDEC specification calls out for. SMART's SSDs achieve this level of reliability through the usage of 2 innovative technologies: DataGuard and EverGuard.

Reliability / DataGuard
DataGuard™ technology protects user data from corruption along all data paths in the SSD. Enhanced error detection and correction ensures the highest data integrity, while the F.R.A.M.E. (Flexible Redundant Array of Memory Elements) technology acts as a cross-die data redundancy feature that enables the recovery of user data even after catastrophic events such as flash page and block failure.
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